Reporting Period Information

Cabinet Reports, Zone Reports, and Treasurer Reports
Are due quarterly NLT Sep 30th (1st Qtr), Dec 31st (2nd Qtr), Mar 31st (3rd Qtr), and Jun 30th (4th Qtr).
Submit to Cabinet Secretary.

Quarterly Cabinet Report Template

Reports Due Dates
Use MyLCI for membership reporting and MyLion for service activity reporting.

Monthly Membership Reporting
Submit by the last day of the current month online through MyLCI. Report even if NO changes have occurred, to get credit for reporting.

Club Officer Reporting
Forms PU101 or MD81 (Lioness Clubs): Report online through MyLCI within 15 days of Club election, but not later than May 15, 2021.

Service Activity Reporting
(For District and International Activities)

Submitted in MyLion BEFORE the end of each month online: