Leadership Visitation Protocol

The Leadership Team is comprised of the District Governor, the First Vice District Governor, and the Second
Vice District Governor. The members of this Team are the highest-ranking members within our District. Accordingly,
a member of the Team should be afforded appropriate recognition. The following list of suggestions may prove helpful.The Leadership Team member paying an official visit to your club is the program. No other program should be
scheduled during this visit.

Have a member of your Club (preferably the Club’s official greeter) meet the Leadership Team member and
introduce your guest to all the Lions that are present.

The Team member is seated at the head table or a round table to the right of the President of the Club.

The second highest ranking district officer (such as the Region or Zone Chairman) introduces the Team member.
In the absence of a district officer, the Program Chair or the First Vice President introduces the speaker.

The speaker is introduced when they are ready to speak, not before. Appropriate recognition should be
given at the introduction and conclusion of the speech.

The Team member delivering the speech should be treated as a guest of the Club.

The Tail Twister should use discretion in fining the speaker.

The Leadership Team member is required to meet with the entire Board of Directors after the regular meeting.

The Leadership Team is sincerely interested in the success of your Club. Please use this opportunity to
discuss issues or concerns that you may have. In fact, the Leadership Team welcomes this discussion during the
entire year.

If your Club uses a head table when a member of the Leadership Team makes his/her official visit, the following
is a suggested seating chart:


Head Table Abbreviations:
ZC – Zone Chair
RC – Region Chair (if Applicable)
TM – Leadership Team Member
SS – Speaker Stand or Podium (if used)
P – President
S – Secretary
CS – Cabinet Secretary

The presiding emcee of the meeting (usually the Club President, but not always) should always be seated to
the left of the speaker stand.

The speaker (Team member) should always be seated to the right of the speaker’s stand.

The head table should not be too long.

Honored guests, not seated at the head table, should be at a reserved table directly in front of the head table.

Allow ample elbow room at the head table.

All chairs at the head table should be occupied.

Only seat the head table on one side, facing the attendees. Other guests should be seated at a reserved table, not on the other side of the head table.